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About Lar National Park

Lar National Park is an important protected area of approx. 30,000 hectares in size, located at the foothills of Mount Damavand (5,610m), the highest mountain in the Middle East, northeast of Tehran. Lar is also the name of the river, the dam and the lake created by it.
Protected by the Department of Environment of Iran, the area is home to various wildlife species, including wild goats, hedgehogs, goats, lizards (Laudakia nupta), snakes (Natrix), Eurasian eagle-owls, Eurasian sparrow hawks, kestrels, short-eared owls, wild boars, brown bears, vipers, partridges, agama, red-spotted trout and many others. Lar National Park also has than 400 species of plants, including chamomile, Astragalus, juniper, thistles, German chamomile, Sideritis, Liquorice, Chicory, Iris, common sage, broadleaf plantain and yarrow. Furthermore, 35 species are endemic to the region.
In the summer from beginning of June to the end of August, nomads are issued special permits to bring their livestock goats, cattle, sheep, to graze to the pastures in the specified areas of the Lar National Park.

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