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UTMD (Ultra Trail Mt.Damavand)

The Ultra Trail Mount Damavand is an ultra endurance race that takes place in Lar National Park and Mt. Damavand of Iran.

Contact UTMD

Mobile Phone: +(۸۵۲) – ۹۳۱۸ ۵۸۲۲ +(۸۶) – ۱۴۷ ۱۵۶۷ ۶۵۰۲ Fax: +(۸۵۲) – ۲۷۹۱ ۹۳۰۰

Adventure Iran

Address: Unit 1, 1st Floor, No 688, NajarKala, Iman Khomeini Blvd., Tehran, Iran Tel.: +۹۸ ۲۱ ۲۶۵۶۶۰۲۶ + ۹۸ ۲۱ ۲۶۵۶۵۹۹۴ +۹۸ ۹۰۲ ۱۱۶ ۸۵۰۲ Email:

UTMD On The Map

AccommodationUltra Trail Mt.DamavandAccommodation
Accommodation Details
Event Centre - Polour Hut of Iran Mountaineering Federation


Polour Hut is a new established mountaineering sport center made by Iran Mountaineering Federation. It was build near Haraz Road in Polour Village in 2001.
Haraz Road is one of the main roads which connects the capital city Tehran to the Caspian Sea in north of Iran in Mazandaran province. This main road passes by Damawand through beautiful Haraz Valley closed to Haraz River.


  • Coordinates: Latitude 35-50-50 N; Longitude 52-03-36 E
  • Altitude: 2,270m


There are few private rooms and public dorms with 2 stage beds (bunk beds).


  • Open through out the year. Working hours from 6:00am to 11:00pm
  • Toilet sand showers. Cold & hot water taps.
  • Cooking equipments and kitchen.
  • Tap water and electricity.
  • Indoor gym and climbing wall.
  • Mobile network coverage avaliable in the area.
  • Drinking water, some food and soft drinks are avaliable.

An unforgettable event

The most beautiful scenery in Lar National Park and around Mt. Damavand

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