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Visa Support and Tours


Adventure Iran (Caravan Kooch Adventure Travel) who is the race organizer will apply for your visa authorization. All the race courses include a tour package according to the itinerary start from 25 May 2021 and finish on 29 May 2021 (5 days and 4 nights). When you register your desired race through the UTMD web site, you have to inform us that you would like to use our Visa Authorization Service. The visa will be for who would like to come during this period of time.  After your registration of the race, please inform us if you want to get the visa authorization letter from Adventure Iran.

Note 1: We cannot apply for visa for who would like to come earlier or leave later after the race.

You can also apply for your visa through the Islamic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affair (MFA) or get your visa on arrival. please check the following link:

  • For more information regarding visa, please visit Adventure Iran website through below link: Iran Tourist Visa


Visa for American, British and Canadian (ABC)

According to the rules and regulations of Iran, visa procedure for American, British and Canadian passport holders is different with other nationals. They need to be on a tour with an authorized guide and they must to apply for visa via a registered travel agency. Their tour guide must be with them from the entry point to Iran until the departure. This means that they can NOT travel independently. Adventure Iran will apply for them for the UTMD race. It is recommended to book their trips at least 55 days before their arrival date. This is the minimum required time to apply and process their visas.

  • The deadline for applying  the visa for ABC countries is 1 Dec 2020.
  • Please note that the duration of visa for these nationalities is exactly according to the itinerary.

Registration Procedure for American, British and Canadian passport holders:

  1. Register the race on the web site before 1 Dec 2020
  2. Inform Adventure Iran of your registration for the race by sending your confirmation e-mail of the payment of the race
  3. Adventure Iran will send you a visa application form to your email
  4. You will fill out the visa application form and send it back to Adventure Iran by email including of your passport sized photo and the scan of your 1st page of the passport
  5. Adventure Iran will check all of your documents and apply for your visa.
    After one month Adventure Iran will send you the visa invitation letter (visa reference code). Please noted that is not a visa. Its a visa approval letter issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  6. Afterward with your approval letter and all extra documents that the embassy/ consulate needs, you have to go to the embassy or consulate of Iran for issue of visa.

Important note:

  • The ABC passport holder can not take the taxi that we provide for other runners in the airport. We have to send our escorted guide to the airport to pick them up. Please send your fly ticket to us after getting your visa.
    We will apply your visa according to the race itinerary.
  • Please noted that we can NOT tailor made any travel itinerary for you before or after the race, so you have to take your fly ticket exactly according to the tour package like the other runners.
  • Also the guide will drop you off at the IKA airport on the day 5 according to the flight time.
  • The extra price of the tour for ABC passport holders is 160 euro payable by cash to Adventure Iran

For more information, please contact us at:

Tel.: +98 21 26566026

Visa note:

  • Kindly read the Visa information page of Adventure Iran  for any extra question that you may have.
  • Please make sure that filling out all of the required information on your visa application form.
  • Make sure that the contents are accurate and correct.
  • You have to attach the scan of your passport first page and it should be in JPEG format.
  • The JPEG file should be LESS than 500 kilobytes.
  • You have to mention the name of location of Iran consulate / embassies for collection your visa.
  • The pickup location of your Visa CANNOT change once you have submitted your application.
  • You will receive your Visa Reference Number from Adventure Iran by email within 30 days after submitting your required information.
  • You will take your valid passport, the visa reference number, passport sized photo to the embassy that you have previously selected (from BOOKING form) to collect your Visa stamp and visa insurance.
  • Please contact to Iran consulate for the latest update of documents you have to take with you for getting your visa
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